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In the past couple of years, marketing on social media channels has snowballed. Having a social media presence is not just an added bonus anymore. Your business needs it if it wants to establish strong relationships, earn customers’ trust, build a strong reputation, and attract more customers.

Why does your business need to be on social media?

As of right now, there are almost 2.5 billion social media users worldwide, and that number is expected to reach 3 billion by 2020. Businesses using social media effectively can grow like wildfire. When you use social media to showcase multiple facets of your business, you can build strong relationships, develop your brand’s awareness, and get more customers in the door.

1. Build Strong Relationships: by engaging with your audience on social media, you can create stronger relationships which gains customers’ trust, making them more likely to buy from you. We help you increase engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.) on your social media posts.

2.  Develop Brand Awareness: social media allows your company to show the funny, smart and softer side of your brand and will enable people to connect with your business on an emotional, and more personal level. Developing brand awareness will help you increase word of mouth and referrals for your business.

3. Get More Customers: up to date social media profiles will help your business dominate first search result page organically, which leads to increased website traffic. We focus on building social media campaigns that drive higher volumes of traffic to your website.

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Our social media management process

1. Get a social media manager for your account

You will be assigned a dedicated social media manager to develop a unique strategy for your business and execute it for you. This person will learn everything there is to learn about your business, and it will be your primary point of contact. You will be able to communicate with your social media manager daily via email or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for both of you.

2. We build a social media strategy that is specific to your business

Before we run any social media campaigns, we will sit down with you to better understand your business. We will do a competitive analysis, define the target market, develop your buyer’s persona, get a better grasp of your brand’s voice and tone, while studying the products and services you offer so that we can create a tailor-made strategy for your business.

3. Creation of content calendars

Once agreed on the content strategy we develop, we start executing right away. For quality assurance, our content always goes through three different content writers before sending it your way for review and final approval. We then schedule the posts using social media automation tools to ensure that every piece of content goes live when it has to.

4. Daily maintenance and optimizing for growth

We monitor all social media activity (comments, direct messages, and reviews) and reply within 24 hours. Also, we will use organic tactics (contests, hashtags, following, etc.) to grow all of your social media channels.

5. Reports and communication

Your social media manager will prepare monthly reports to review and evaluate together. You will also have access to our reporting software to view your campaign’s progress at any time. Regarding meetings, you can schedule bi-weekly or monthly meetings to discuss your progress.



What type of results can I expect?

We check for followers, engagement, and website traffic. These three metrics are our key performance indicators and will influence sales in long-term. You should expect these metrics to increase monthly.

How many new followers can I expect to gain each month?

Growth will depend on each social platform, but on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest our clients can expect an organic boost in their followers of 50 - 300 followers each month. However, on Facebook growth is more correlated to paid advertising.

How much website traffic should I expect each month?

With this service, our social media specialists will focus on expanding your follower count for your social profiles while increasing your posts’ engagement. You may see organic website traffic increase as a result of these efforts. If you want to see an instant increase in traffic to your website, try using our Social Media Advertisement service.

How soon should I expect to see results?

Our clients typically experience an increase in followers and engagement within the first 30 days of using the service. You should expect the results to continue to increase every month.

We recommend our clients to try this service for at least six months to see a noticeable impact on website traffic and conversions. If you want to get conversions in the short-term, see our social media advertising service.

Contracts and setup fees

How long are the contracts?

We don’t believe in long-term contracts, because we let our results speak for themselves. All of our contracts are month-to-month. If you are not seeing the results you were expecting, you have the freedom to cancel at any time with a 14 day written or digital notice.

Are there any setup fees?

No, we don’t have any setup fees.

How long does it take to get started?

If you are ready to get started, book a free consultation call with us. One of our team members will contact you and help you identify the best strategy and develop a unique proposal for your business. Upon your approval, we will send you a contract and get your campaign started right away

Working together

Who will be working on my account?

You will be assigned a dedicated social media manager. This person will most likely have experience working with a client in a similar industry to yours. This person will be your primary point of contact, but each social media specialist reports to a director who reviews all strategies and content before it is passed on to you.

How will you learn my business?

Before we run any marketing campaign, we will sit down with you to better understand your business. We will do a competitive analysis, define your target market, develop your buyer’s persona, get a better grasp of the brand’s voice and tone, while studying the products and services you offer so that we can create a tailor-made strategy for your business.

How will you create content that fits my business?

We will learn more about your content preferences during our initial meetings. In the strategy we create for you we will specify the content approach we suggest for your business. After approval of the proposal, we will generate the content in a content calendar. You have the chance to evaluate all the content before it is published on your social media channels.

Do I have to provide you with content?

You are not required to provide us with any content, but if you have content, we will be more than glad to use it.

Your assigned social media specialist will develop unique content that fits your brand’s voice and tone. We have access to stock photography, design software and other sources. These will be used to create valuable content to capture your audience.

How will you grow my followers?

We can use organic or paid approaches to grow your follower count. However, the organic approach uses different techniques without the need for any paid advertising budget. If we are using a paid approach, you will need an advertising budget.

Do you monitor the pages for comments, messages, and reviews?

Your assigned social media specialist will continuously monitor your social media pages for comments, direct messages, and reviews. If we know the answer to a comment or a question, we will answer it suitably. If there are questions or comments which we are not sure how to respond to, we will contact you via email asking for guidance before replying.

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